The extensive cocktail menu makes it almost impossible to pick just one. And so chances are you’ll end up like we did and try as many as we could. Not a bad way to go when you have some oysters, ceviche and steak tartare to go with it
— Your little black book
She is chill, tranquilo, fun, comfortable, the life of the party and a tad cocky

— Girls who

Let me introduce myself...

My name is Miss Moneypenny. I have been asked to move to Amsterdam for a very special mission by my favourite Dutch gents Cas Jansen, Menno van Dorp, Bas Janzen and Elja Rengers. You most likely know them already from the successful venues Venster 33 and Taproom. Now, back to the mission. Amsterdam has desperately been in need of a new sociable spot. One that has my British Standard - perfectly marvelous, outrageously vibrant, but most of all a spot that has a simply divine taste in food, beverages and people. So, here I am. Miss Moneypenny is at your service: Good-humoured, good-mannered, sometimes a bit tipsy, but always incredibly charming. 

Be amazed by our chef's sophisticated and international street food. Also, you should really have a few (or many) sips of our very own, mindblowing and kissable cocktails. While the tastes amuses your tonsils, please feel free to wander around and check out our cool interior.


We truly want to share this diamond with you and hope to be seeing you soon.




Miss Moneypenny.


From steak tartare Korean style, goose rilette rolled in Asian pancakes and Russian blini’s topped with stewed radicchio till crispy tempura of prawns and veggies. All mouth-watering, I’m serious!
— Wanderlust
It may come as a surprise when you order a glass Vermouth and witness it being served with a picture of Big Shaq. But whoever followed the hype will appreciate the joke behind the ‘Man’s not hot’ cocktail
— Parool